Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10th Anniversary recap. SMCGC.

May All the Glory be to our God!
And a very big thank to all the brothers and sisters in SMCGC to sacrifice their time, money, and energy to make all these happen!

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Experience in Disciple 1 Class

     About one and a half year ago when I came to Curtin as my first year, I did not think of taking any extra class. With the new environment of a university life I would not want to add another “subject” to my study list, but with the encouragement of the brothers, sisters and pastor plus with a long consideration and prayer, I took the first step and decided to give it a try for the growth of my spiritual life. At first it was really difficult as the disciple class requires all the students to read a few chapters of the Bible every day and every weekend we need to spend at least two and a half hours in class to discuss, watch a shot video and further examine on the word of God.

      In this disciple 1 course, it consists of 34 chapters; each chapter was designed to let the reader walk through the whole Bible after completing it. In each chapter it has a theme words which will be the subject and direction of the lessons for the day. It is a very well organize Bible study materials as it have a focus on our human condition related to the theme which were related to the Bible with today’s world. Beside that it also have the part of “The Bible Teaching” which it further explain with map, diagram or timeline on the passage read from the Bible, along with some question related to our current world’s situation. 

      Walking through the Bible with this disciple course was not an easy task, but with God’s grace and the encouragement of all my classmates I would say that it have come to an end of this part. With this mind set of additional “subject” have slowly turned to a spiritual need for me; by reading and understanding of the word of God daily it have made me more rely on His words, His commandments and His teaching. Other than this due to the time I needed to allocate to spend time on reading and doing the task, it helps me in a way to manage my time more efficient.

       During the first day of class there were 13 of us, but one has left the group due to transfer of university. In this group each has a different experience and understanding of God’s words. As the days goes by our relationship with each other grew better as we started to care for each other, in prayer, and also during our class we do share of our little secret and our life journey on how God has lead and guide us. At the end of the first year we went for a mission trip to Sebauh long house. Over there we have the chance to share the knowledge we learn in class to the people in Sebauh area, and most important we have the chance to bring the good news to the people over there. Through this 34 chapter I have learn a lot and gain more understanding, I will continue to grow and partake other courses available in future time.

Decision, choices and opportunity are always there for us, that is the point which will either we choose to take a step forward and to make a life changing experience or to keep staying at the same point and let nothing happened to our life. I have challenged myself to take this step and I felt the changes God made in me and I have a new experience, the experience only I can have and remember. A question for you, are you still on the same point you were yesterday? Challenge yourself, and let God work miracles and wonders in your life…

Sunday, October 13, 2013

2012 SMCGC 紅本門徒班終於結業了!

The Disciple One Class that starts in 2012 is officially finished today after one and a half year (12 Oct 2013). 
It has been a fruitful journey for every member to walk through the Bible together, sharing together, tea break together, and have fun together. 
May God continue to bless these twelve disciples to build their life on the Word of God continuously. 
Glory to God!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ST Testimony

Many people are curious as to why I chose to come to Curtin Sarawak when there are many other universities in West Malaysia. I believe many West Malaysian students will reply the same thing:
“We've been 'cheated' by agents to come!”

Indeed I am one of the 'victims', considering that I have been rejected by every university I have applied to after high school. Since I do not want to enter a public university, upon consulting my education agent, I flew across the sea to this 'dismal' place. But due to this as well, I am given the treasured opportunity to befriend my dear Senadin Methodist Campus Gospel Center brothers-and-sisters. Before coming here, I do not have a clear belief, just an occasional incense worship. As my parents have no objection that I attend church, as long as I do not mix around with delinquents. I confidently told them that they don't have to worry, because SMCGC is filled with good people!

I remember my first day in Miri vividly. Due to my naivety, I did not call up my landlord in advance, hence I was forced to spend a night in the hotel. On the morrow, I tried to enter my rented house but no avail. It so happened that my neighbor at that time, came out and asked if there's anything he could help. And my neighbor was Pastor Jabez Tiong, a total stranger to me at the time and the first person I got to know in Miri. He suggested that I put my luggages at his place. As he was busy then, he told me he was bringing me to another person's house. I don't know about most people, but I was a little scared then, because back in my hometown, if there were ever someone who offered to bring you to another's home, it will be best not to follow. Because that person may end up a kidnapper, or from some form of cult. However I had no choice then. This was indeed God's plan, to provide an opportunity for me to learn more about Christianity. Pastor brought me to a brother-in-Christ's home then left. I still remembered receiving an invitation card to SMCGC from this brother. Due to both of us being strangers, we lacked conversation topics amongst us, so we just looked at each other and smiled awkwardly for an hour. Thank goodness it was nearing lunch time then, or else we had to be like socially awkward penguins for even longer! The brother brought me to meet more church brothers and sisters. After lunch we even went down Miri town together. I was thinking to myself:
“Why are these people so different from my hometown's folks? The people here are so friendly, so keen to help, so caring, whereas back home people tend to be the exact opposite.”

Later on they brought me to fellowship. At that time I brought along a curious mind, to see whether the people in church are as warm and helpful as they are. To my surprise, it is true! This is also the starting point of knowing Christ for me. The first fellowship made me felt the warmth and care of my brothers and sisters in SMCGC. SMCGC also became my second home in Miri. I remembered during a fellowship once, a sister asked me whether I wanted to join a TOP course. She told me that this course would help me to understand Christ better. I thought at that time the course would resemble some sort of lecture series. I also saw on the bulletin board the registration form for TOP 2: some sort of a next-level course to TOP 1. Overall both sounded like fun, so I signed up. Alas, I discovered later that, not only I had to attend the course every week, but I also had coursework to do! However I told myself that since I had participated, I would try my best to complete it. After the first course, some brothers and sisters even approached me to help me with understanding the contents of the course, and even asked me if I would trust in the Lord. It was then I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Through God's guidance and blessing, I successfully completed the TOP program.

Through TOP, I got to know Christ and church more. Moreover, faith in Christ has also changed my life. Where previously I was very quiet; I am starting to be active and involved now. Where previously I love my family; I love and treasure them even more now.

ST 得救见证:误打误撞认识上帝


很多人会问我,为什么西马有这样多的大学,你偏偏要选择来科廷大学呢?我相信很多西马来的学生都会像我这样回答--- agent骗来的!没错,我的确是被agent 骗过来的,这是因为在中学毕业后,我被我所申请的大学給拒绝了。由于我不想进公立大学,在询问了agent的意见后,就飘洋过海来到了这儿。也因为这样,才让我有机会认识到禧纳定校园福音中心的弟兄姐妹。
过后,他们还带我去参加团契。那时,我就带着一颗好奇的心去参加,也想看看教会里的人是否也是一样热情,喜欢帮人。这也是我认识基督教的起点。过后,我发现,原来是真的!参加过第一次的团契后,让我感受到在禧纳定校园福音中心里每位弟兄姐妹的热情和关怀。校园福音中心 也因此成了我来到美里的第二个家。还记得有一次团契,一位姐妹问我要不要参加顶峰一课程。她说参加这课程可让我更加认识基督教。那时,我以为这课程是类似讲座之类的,只要去听一两个小时就可以了。我还看到布告栏上张贴的顶峰一课程报名表旁还有一张顶峰二课程的报名表格。原来上完这课程后还可“升级”去参加另一个课程,好像很好玩,所以就报了名。结果去上了第一堂课的时候,我才发现原来是每个星期都要上课,还要做功课的呢!那时,我对我自己说,既然参加了,就努力去完成它吧!上了第一堂课后,几位弟兄姐妹来探访我,问我明不明白上课的内容并问我是否愿意信主。那时我欣然地接受耶稣成为我的救主。最后,透过神的带领与眷顾,我也成功完成了顶峰一课程。  


我名叫 CWK, 来自西马吉隆玻,目前在美里CURTIN大学念书
每次当我说到这裡的时候,别人常会问我说: “西马有这么多的大学,為什麼你要来到美里念书呢?” 接着他们就会说: “你们是不是都觉得我们都住在树上?但我们的树都是有电梯的哦,哈哈哈…….” 接着,大家就会一起哈哈大笑, 然后继续乱哈拉一番。


来到美里之前, 我是一位我行我素,脾气暴燥,常和朋友在外鬼混, 不爱回家的一个孩子每次回到家跟家人见面的时候,我们都会吵架我们几乎不曾一起快快乐乐的在同一张餐桌上吃晚餐 主要是因為在我小学的时候所发生的一件事,导致我们家从此不再一样了。

因此家庭破碎,家人每天都在吵,很不愉快不久后,我爸离开了 接着,我哥也离开了我们,不跟我們一起住,只留下我妈和十二歲的我。

有一天,我爸突然回来了但回来後,他就跟我妈大吵一番, 把我妈气得出去了,家里只剩我跟我爸两人。傍晚的時候,我们吃了晚餐我想那应该是我爸第一次下厨吧因為我还记得桌上有三条燒焦了的KAMPUNG,一盤很咸的苞菜,和一盘煎蛋。吃饱后,我就坐在沙发上看新闻。而我爸就坐在我斜对面的楼梯口,手扶著頭像在休息或沉思一般一切看似很正常。当下的我很开心,因为爸爸回来了

可是不久后,我发现了一件事:我爸哭了我看见那很有威严,很强壮的爸爸尽然哭了。那时, 坐在沙发上的我不能接受眼前所见的。我控制不住,也静静地流下了眼泪。 我看得出我爸真的很伤心,很后悔。然而, 他却改变不了那已发生的事情我不願看见爸爸伤心的样子,就说: “我们吃木瓜吧。因為我记得爸爸最爱切水果给我们吃他就突然站了起来,对我笑了一下,就切木瓜去了。而那是我第一次也是最后一次看见爸爸流眼泪
但是,隔天我爸还是离开了这个家。不久后, 我哥搬回来住了在那段期间,有人离开,有人回来,家里都被搞得鸡犬不宁,很糟糕我当下真的觉得很无助,所以我选择了逃避,不想回家。

到了美里,我要感谢在校園中心的一位姐妹,CC从玩飛盤Frisbee开始认识她后,她就不断地邀请我到SMCGC校園中心参加崇拜、祷告会和团契。我发现,我在教会接触的许多朋友,他们的行为和生活都感动了我,让我对他们的信仰产生了好奇心。另外,在LT姐妹(也是其中一位在校園中心服侍的姐妹)永不放弃的鼓励下,我也参加了顶峰一和顶峰二课程。当时我很想要有个Christian name,于是楊傳道就帮我取了REI这个名字,意思是:要常常喜乐。我听到的时候,很惊讶,也很高兴,感觉就好像传道送了一份很珍贵的礼物给我 。當時也因着校园中心这群弟兄姐妹,讓我覺得在美里這個地方很溫暖,有家的感覺。


就在我考虑的那段时间,全球吹起了一陣《林來瘋》,林書豪,JEREMY LIN,幾乎沒有人不認識他。那時,就有一位姐妹介紹了一部林書豪的見證分享短片给我。在短片中,他解釋了何謂林來瘋。他在篮球生涯遇到了很多挫折,甚至曾經想過放棄打籃球的念頭,但當他回想起他在他人生旅途中和在NBA裡遇到的失望和挫败,他想起了這一節經文:我们晓得万事都互相效力,叫爱神的人得益处,就是按他旨意被召的人(罗828

林书豪也说當我們成功,在很舒服的環境下生活的時候,要說萬事都互相效力,叫愛神的人得益處是很容易的。但是在我生命當中的挫敗和失望當中,我也仍然可以述說這節經文是真實的。在我人生的過程當中,我可以看見  神的手掌權在我生命裡面祂使用任何環境,不論我當下認為是好的或者是不好的環境,都成為與我生命有益處的。



我真的很感谢主透过这种途径,让我认识耶稣虽然过程中并非如我自己所想象的一样, 但我知道,我在上帝眼裡都是獨一無二的,都是最寶貝的。現在不論我遇見什麼問題,不論當下我認為是好的或不好的,我都依然信靠主。我不再懼怕,因為我相信主會在我生命中掌權。

感谢主, 愿一切的荣耀都归于在天上的父

CWK Testimony : All things God works for the good of those who love Him

Hi my name is CWK, from Kuala Lumpur in West Malaysia, currently a student in Curtin University.
Every time I mentioned that, people tend to ask:
“There are so many universities in West Malaysia, why do you choose to come to the East to Miri for studies?”
Then people will usually ask:
“Do you feel that we are living on trees? Then again our trees have elevators. Ha ha ha...”
And thus most will laugh, and that's how the joke usually runs.

However personally for me, I really do not know how to answer that question.
Because the main reason I chose to come here to Miri...is to escape.

Before I came to Miri, I was a very rebellious person, with bad temper, often hanging out with friends til' the wee hours: a child who does not like to go home. Every time I returned home I would be quarreling with my family members. We basically never had the chance to happily sit down and had a meal together on the same table. This is due to an incident when I was still in primary school, which resulted in my family never being the same ever again.

The truth is, my father had an affair.

Since then my family fragmented, with everyday being filled with quarrels and unpleasantness. Shortly after my father left us, my older brother also left, thus leaving behind my mother and the twelve-year-old me.

One day, my father suddenly returned. His return triggered a big fight with my mother, who later got so angry that she left the house, leaving me alone with my father. When evening came, we had dinner together: my dad and I. I think it was the first time my dad ever cooked, because I vividly remembered three charred kampung fish, a very salty plate of cabbage, and an omelette. After the meal I was sitting on the sofa watching news. My dad was sitting on the staircase opposite me, his hand supporting his head as if he was resting or thinking. Everything seemed...normal. I was really happy then, because dad was back. Alas I discovered later that: my dad was crying. My dad, the one whom I pictured to be dignified, strong...was shedding tears. I who was on the sofa then could not believe the sight. I could not control myself, hard as I tried, and tears flowed down my cheeks as well. I could see grief in my dad, as well as remorse. He could not change the reality that rested heavily upon him. I could not bear to watch my dad in such state, hence I broke the silence:

“Let's eat papaya.”
I remembered my dad loved cutting up fruits for us. Those long gone days.

My dad stood up, smiled at me, and prepared the papayas.
That was...and still is...the first and last time I ever saw my dad shed tears.

The next day, my dad left home. Not long after my brother moved back. During these tumultuous times, people left and return as they pleased, causing my home to be a mess. I felt really helpless, and chose the one action I knew: to run away.
Yet...I want to go home.
This issue has never been resolved. When I got the chance to enter university later on, I wished to leave my environment behind. Hence I chose Curtin University Miri.

Here I would like to thank a dear sister from SMCGC: CC. From the moment I befriended her during our Frisbee days, she kept inviting me to SMCGC for worship, prayer meeting and fellowship. I realized that I have made a lot of friends in the church, their daily deeds and lives touched me, igniting a curiosity in me about their faith. During this time too, a dear sister by the name of LT, due to her constant persistence and encouragement, I joined the TOP 1 and TOP 2 courses. It was then too I have this longing for a Christian name, hence Pastor Connie christened me with the name 'Rei', meaning 'rejoice always'. I was pleasantly surprised, as well as ecstatic, because I felt as if the pastor had just granted me a precious gift, and a new identity. A huge thanks to my dear brothers and sisters in SMCGC as well, for they are the ones that made me feel the warmth in Miri, and gave me the feeling of home which I had longed for so long.

During my time in TOP, our brother RW asked us a life-changing question:
“Do any of you want to be baptized?”
When I heard this, my heart wanted, however there was a strong force that prevented me from doing so. Brother RW gave us a week to pray and consider this life-changing decision. During that time, the world was stormed by 'Linsanity': a sudden recognition of the otherwise unknown Jeremy Lin. A sister shared a video clip of him explaining the advent of 'Linsanity'. Even though he encountered setbacks, and even thought of giving up on basketball once, but whenever he recalled his journey in the NBA career, he would think of this verse from Romans 8:28:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Lin also shared that:
“When we are successful and are comfortable in life, it is easy to say that all things work together for the good of those who love God, however in my life of frustrations and disappointments, I can still say that this verse holds true. Because I can see God's hand working, using everything around me, my environment, whether the good or bad, to benefit me.”

After watching Jeremy Lin's sharing, I was deeply moved. A realization gradually overcame my mind, that all these years, God has been knocking unceasingly on the door to my heart, waiting patiently for me to open it up for Him. I now understand why my life story thus far had been so, and all of these are not mere accidents. All these hardships are not sufferings, but opportunities for me to grow. Through my own life I can learn so much valuable experience. That moment, I felt a full sense of serenity, because I know God is real, and I shall not hesitate anymore. I prayed unto Him, thanking Him for His guidance in my life, as well as for His precious gift that enabled me to come before Him, to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, who sacrificed himself to be nailed on the Cross so his precious blood washed away my sin, who rose again from the dead, to grant me eternal life.

I really thank the Lord for using this way to let me know Christ. Although the process leading up to this is not as what I had imagined, yet I know I am precious and unique in His sight. Since then no matter whatever besets me, be it good or bad, I shall trust in the Lord. I shall not fear, because I believe the Lord reigns in my life.

Thanks be to God, and all glory be unto Him who reigns above!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Glory to God! Miri's Senadin Methodist Campus Gospel Center is now ten years old! To commemorate God's care and protection in these ten years, SMCGC has held a thanksgiving cum church-building fund-raising dinner at Boulevard Restaurant on Saturday, September 28th 2013, with the generous participation by various churches in Miri District, numbering up a total of 70 tables. The theme for the evening: A Decade of Your Loving Care.

 晚宴以開場影片揭開序幕,並藉著校園中心十週年主題歌來歌頌上帝的恩典和帶領。蘇慈安會長在演詞中以四個“B”作為勉勵:一,Befriend (交友):要跟老師和同學做朋友,建立良好的關係 ;二,Belonging (歸宿):校園中心要成為游子在外求學的第二個家;三,Believing(相信):我們要相信並接受耶穌成為個人救主;四,Building (建立):校園中心除了要籌建新的教堂,更重要的是要建立自己的屬靈生命。

The evening kicks off with the introduction movie, followed by the tenth anniversary theme song to praise God's grace and guidance. Rev. Dr. Su Chi Ann, the president of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC), gave his exhortation centering around four 'B's':
      1. Befriend – To enhance relationship with teachers and students.
  1. Belonging – To make SMCGC as a second home for students away from their home.
  2. Believing – To accept Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour.
  3. Building – To build a new church building for SMCGC, as well as to establish personal spiritual lives.

In addition, SMCGC has arrayed a variety of programs for the night: dance, choir, student and alumni testimonials-sharing, videos, and even a musical.

      除了歡慶十週年,校園中心也藉此機會向來賓介紹新教堂的設計藍圖。由於面臨空間的狹隘,校園中心在年會的協助下租下了隔壁店屋的單位,並於今年初擴充完畢。神的意念高過人的意念!眼看美里禧納定區的發展迅速,人口急速增長,校園中心必須預備好面對當地未來的屬靈需要。在年會和郭氏弟兄的協助下,校園中心已購得一塊地理位置極佳的土地充作建立新聖堂之用。對於校園中心的學生們來說,接下來的建堂籌款目標才是挑戰的開始。 上帝是耶和華以勒的神!神在過去十年已證明了祂的信實,神必然在接下來的歲月裡繼續看顧保守祂的教會。
Aside from celebrating the tenth anniversary, SMCGC has also introduced the future blueprint of the new church building. Due to the space constraint in meeting the needs of the congregation, SMCGC with the assistance of SCAC has rented an upper shop-house unit next door and the expansion has been completed early this year. However God's plan is further than what we envisioned! With the rapid growth of Senadin, SMCGC has to prepare herself for the future needs of not only students but also the local community. With the help of annual conference and Bro Kuek, SMCGC has acquired a piece of land for the establishment of a new church building. The next challenge for SMCGC-ians is to raise enough funds for that dream to come true. With our God being the Great Jehovah Jireh, the One who has provided and demonstrated His faithfulness for the past decade, we believe He will continue to look after SMCGC for months and years to come!

                                                            May God's name be glorified!

Thursday, October 3, 2013