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安装禧恩布道处招牌 31.12.2014





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English Disciple 1 by Colin

Greeting. May the peace of the Lord be with you.
The reason that I joined the disciple class was to understand more about God.  As it was an English Disciple class, I had a hard time understanding some of the scripture and study manual. On some occasion, I did not even know what I had read and listened. Nevertheless, with the power of God, I persevered and managed to come to an end after three semesters. May all the glory and honor be with God.
There are a few lessons that I had learnt from the disciple class. Firstly, I have learned to be faithful. Joining disciple class implied that I needed to allocate time specifically to read Bible and attend classes.  At first, this was very challenging as I had to spend more time understanding the verses and scriptures. Instead of having entertainment on Sunday, I had to spend time attending the disciple classes, even when the mid-term or final exams were around the corner. I remember there was one semester that I did not scored well in one of my mid-term test. I blamed and grumbled against God for not blessing me in my test. I was upset and distressed with my result. Fortunately, I was reminded by one of the brothers in the cell group meeting, saying that no matter what circumstances, never lose faith in God. Then I realized how small my faith was after being a Christian for so many years. It was embarrassing. It showed that I am only an ‘almost’ Christian. Therefore, I started changing my attitude and remaining faithful in God. At the end of that semester, my result was better than that in the first year and was granted award. Undoubtedly, this was God’s work and grace. May all the glory and honor be with God.
Secondly, I have learned to be grateful, no matter in what circumstances. Recall the three semesters that I had been through, the grace of God was abundant. Before studying in Curtin University, I was aspired to study overseas. I asked God to grant my wish, but it did not happen. I was upset and struggled for one year even though I had a scholarship granted to study at Curtin. However, through disciple class, it reminded me that I was just like the Israelites, disobedient and ungrateful. When I began to obey God’s will, God started to bless me. Over the past three semesters, I was blessed by the Lord in every final exams and assignments. I did not know how to deal with the exams and assignments, but He blessed me with His wisdom. God did not change my circumstances or granted what I asked for, but He transformed my heart and mind to be submissive to Him. God’s grace is sufficient for me, for His strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. May all the honor be with Him.
During the disciple course, I have participated in a long house mission trip on 28th-29th June 2014, which was the date after the university final exam.  In that mission trip, I was assigned to do the youth evangelism. Due to final examination, I did not really focus on the preparation for the mission trip.  I only spent three days preparing for the mission trip after the exam. Since it was my first time to share the gospel using Bahasa Melayu, I encountered language barrier when I was preaching the gospel to the indigenous youth. In the first day when I was presenting before them, I panicked and my mind went blank. I did not know how to communicate effectively with them.  Nevertheless, by God’s grace I managed to reach out to three youth during the gospel-sharing session, though did not achieve my targeted number.  I felt that I kind of had failed in that mission trip.  But on the second day, during our group devotion time, I was reminded that our God values the process rather than just the result.  Very often I merely focus on the result.  That morning, I have learned that I have to try my best to preach the gospel but leave the result to God, as He is the one who is in control.
Finally, I would like to share with you the verses in the Bible. Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths”. Let us not rely on our own ability, but always be obsequious and faithful to God.

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Back to the year 2012 by Jason Soh

          Back to the year 2012, where I took my first steps into SMCGC. I met a lot of new friends and they have been encouraging me to take part in Disciple Red which only has few vacant left. I was also informed that I have to spend at least 30 minutes in studying the bible every day and 2 hours 30 minutes for the Disciple Red class. I was in the 3rd year of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and I entangled in some other club activities and studies that directly lead me into a serious dilemma. I was worried that I could not spend enough time in doing my revision and completing my assignments when everything piled up during the peak moments. At last, I took up the challenge and gave myself a chance to try for the first three weeks.
          After the three weeks of probation, I felt that the classes are interesting and it has created the passion for me to know more about God and also being a Christian. At the same time, I still doubted myself that I could manage to squeeze my time to do my revisions. This will be a tough challenge in the first few weeks which I have a shortage of time in compare with others. But as time goes by, I have learnt to plan my work ahead and complete them as soon as possible by reducing all the time taken to procrastinate that time management is very crucial in our daily life.
          Through the classes I attended in Disciple Red, I have gained a lot of knowledge and knowing God more deeply. Beside from that, I also experienced some positive changes in me. The changes are quite specific to practice to be Christlike which means by the way we behave resembling the spirit of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has endured all the pain and hardship than most of us and He also did not complain on the way he is treated. Therefore, I have experienced that I have become more humble and endure to overcome the obstacles of life. On the other hand, the study of Old and New testaments have given me a better insight on the history of Christianity.

          Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank our facilitators, Ms Fidella and Irene who have strongly urged me to sign up for this Disciple Red. Although it is not an easy journey in Disciple Red that we always have to make sacrifice on our busy schedule, but always pray to God assist us in our problems. We should always remember that there is no problem so big that God cannot solve it. 

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姐妹会 10.10.2014




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英文门徒分享 by Sheena

     最初, 因为学业的关系曾一再的阻碍我拿门徒课程。常听学长们说化学工程系在大三和大四会特别繁忙。身在大二的我,已被大二这个恶梦折磨的夠呛了,这是因为大二的学科比起大一的难上许多。当时的我认为拿门徒,只是会增加我的的负担。可是也许是天父的带领,在朋友的劝说下,最终还是拿了!虽然每天必须花大约一个钟的时间灵修,再加上每个礼拜必须上大约三个小时的课,但感谢主,我依然能同时兼顾好我的课业。更奇妙的是,成绩也进步了!正因为在大三和大四拿门徒,让我学习到了一个非常重要的功课,就是信心,并把一切重担交托于神!
     在这里要分享一些在我拿门徒时的争扎与犹豫,一些朋友给的劝告,让我有勇气拿这课程:原文在此If you are doing will of God, do you think He will make you fall?  For Psalm 37 23-24 states that – The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him, though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand. Thus, when we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place in our lives. Besides, God will gives us the strength to get through everything life throws at us as Philippians 4:13 states that – I can do everything through Him who give me strength.简单来说就是靠着信心在神的道路上凡是都能!!

Walk through the bible by Celyne

First of all, I would like to give thanks to our Lord that I had graduated from the disciple red class. The disciple red class took three semesters to finish. When I first came to join the Sunday service at SMCGC, I found that this church was offering some courses that help students to grow in their spiritual life.  But that time the disciple class in Chinese was full and only had English class available.  I have great interest to join because I want to know more about the Bible. However, it might be difficult for me to join this class because my English is not good. With the encouragement from brothers and sisters in Christ, finally I made up my mind to join the class together with my friend, Hui Hui as she was also interest in it.

When I first joined the class, I totally knew nobody in the class except my friend, Hui Hui. Then, I just sat quietly and listened to our facilitator instruction. At first, there were eleven students joined the course.  But in the end, only seven of us managed to finish the course. Our class was scheduled at 1pm to 4pm every Sunday. So basically on Sunday, I spent half of my day at the church.  In our classes, we discussed the topic together with the guidance of our facilitators. Some of my classmates do not hesitate to ask questions they were curious of, and I was the quiet and shy member in the class.  After several lessons, the relationships between each member of the disciple class became closer.  We shared our experiences and stories, and had joined short-term mission trip to longhouses and had fun together.  Next, I would like to thank Ms. Fidella and Ms. Irene for their guidance throughout this course.

Sometimes, we may not understand the meaning of God’s Word and His purposes. But God said, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)  Through this disciple class, my Bible knowledge has increased and my relationship with God is stronger than before. I also understand better the differences between the Old and New Testament. By reading the Word of God, I have learned to rely on Him more and my time management has improved as well.  I was able to strike a balance between my school work and my Bible reading and preparation plus activities at the church.

Last but not least, I am glad that I have the opportunity to join this great course and I encourage you to join as well. Although it may take up a lot of time on preparing and studying the Bible, but the time spend is worth it and you will experience lots of different things in your journey. The may think that you can’t do it, but Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)  Ask, seek and knock from Him, you will experience how God work miracles and lead you in your life that he had designed for you.  Hence, give yourself a chance to get closer with God.

There are 11 of us at the beginning of the Disciple Red Class.

Finally, there are only 7 of us are graduated from the Disciple Red Class.

English Disciple 1 by HuiHui

It was the 2nd semester of 2013 and I have just started my university life at Miri Curtin. I also joined SMCGC not too long and I remembered one Sunday it was Ms. Fidella who made an announcement about the English Disciple Course.  I can barely remember finding Ms. Fidella after the service with my friend, Celyne and asking if we could join the disciple course.  The reason I was so interested and registered immediately was because through the course I could learn more about the Bible.  Also, in my mother church, the Disciple Course was mostly for the adults to join. So I am glad that to be given the opportunity to join in SMCGC.
When the class started, I was very quiet and shy.  For those who know me well will know that, that was not my real character. The reason I was like that is because the other classmates are older than me and I was not familiar with them.  It was not until the second semester of the Disciple class, that I began to reveal playful and “annoying” nature of mine. Besides that, due to my poor English, it’s a little bit difficult for me to learn. However, thanks to Ms Fidella, Irene, and other students for helping me patiently, so that I could learn it smoothly.
In this disciple course, we need to study the Bible every day, and every Sunday we need to take 2 and half hours to go to church and discuss about the Bible together with our classmates and facilitators.  Other than that, we also went to a mission trip to share the gospel. This time we went to Rumah Balingian with GMC uncles and aunties.  All of the things we did in disciple course are also the condition of a disciple. Disciples need to study and understand God’s Words, fellowship with others, and most important is to share the gospel, be a living testimony and learn to love others.
In this 3 semester-long course, I learned a lot. I also became more aware of the idea of God and the idea of human nature. Human are very weak, and very forgetful, often forget how God has helped and led us, often sinned against other people, and offended God. But God still loves us, never give up on us, and has not forgotten the promises given. I also understand more of the Old and New Testament.  It’s not only a history of Israelites; it’s also a guide for our life.
This disciple class had become an important part of my university life that I will never forget because I have learned a lot and also met awesome friends.

By Hui Hui

English Disciple 1 by James

The Disciple One was a good experience. If i were to be brutally honest, i would have never joined such a course had it not been for my brother's persuasion. At first, i felt pretty uncomfortable as the atmosphere was pretty quiet and weird and it was only worsened by my introverted personality. However, as time went by, our class got smaller but it also became much more comfortable and each lesson was one to look forward to and not one to avoid. The mission trip to Balingian was definitely a highlight for me during my time taking the Disciple One course as it marked the period where i got felt and got much closer with my Disciple One classmates. It felt really good to be able to experience such a time with my classmates.

I'd also like to thank our course instructors Irene and Fidella as they both bring something different in the way they teach and handle the class. Although not all the questions that were asked by some of us had a clear answer, both of them still gave their input and that was helpful for us. I have to admit that the daily homework of the Disciple One can be quite difficult at times as there really was a lot to read and think about. However, ultimately it laid the foundation in the pursuit of knowledge of our Father in heaven. I believe Disciple One helped to foster my interest in reading the Bible as I was never really interested in reading the Bible until Disciple One forced me to pick up the Bible (which was a good thing!). There was a lot to learn about Jesus, about God and the purpose of each of the different books in the bible.

Lots of memories were created during my time in taking the Disciple One and it is something I will miss. Friendships were fostered, good times were made and lessons from the Bible were learnt. The Disciple One is something I would urge every fellow Christian to take and even for non-believers too. The quest for knowledge of God's plans and thoughts will never be fully complete (anytime soon) but however the Disciple One lays a solid foundation in that aspect.

Thanks for reading,
James Soo

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筹款建堂基金义跑 25.10.2014

Program节目活动    SMCGC筹款建堂基金义跑
Date日期                    20141025日(星期六)
Time时间                    6:30am – 9:30am
Venue地点                 科廷大学(Curtin University)足球场
Person-in-charge负责组  建堂基金义跑筹款委员会
Objectives目的          :为SMCGC建堂基金筹款

禧衲定校园福音中心于20141025日假科廷大学(Curtin University)足球场举办建堂基金义跑活动。








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A Journey with the Disciple Red Class by Adam

A Journey with the Disciple Red Class of 13/14

Ever since my foundation period, I have been encouraged by various members of our church SMPC (formerly SMCGC) to join the disciple course. However, as my mother was a facilitator in Disciple Red, I saw that the amount of time that she spent preparing for the class was quite a lot. Given that I was also involved in other activities at the time, I hesitated to join the Disciple class.   

However, persistence works, and after 4 or 5 more semesters of being encouraged to join the Disciple Red class, I went for it in the second half of the year 2013. I was then currently entering my 2nd year taking a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, so my workload was relatively tougher than when I was in my Foundation year. I entered the class with strong mixed feelings.

During the first orientation of the Disciple Red Class, I was surprised to see a lot of people, as one of the side reasons that made up my mind to join was basically that there were not enough people to start a Disciple Class. There were around 15 people that attended the orientation and close to 20 that attended the first class of Disciple. Some of my classmates I knew quite well already, but others were still new to me. I got to know them better and better as the classes continued.

Soon however, a few classmates couldn’t attend because of other commitments or personal reasons. By the end of that semester, we only had 8 members remaining.

The myth that joining a disciple class takes up a lot of time is both true and untrue at the same time. It requires you to do bible study and devotion every day, which takes up about half an hour to one hour a day depending on how heavy the day’s reading is. However, as a Christian, we are all supposed to do devotion by ourselves, so this exercise in disciple class is actually just a guideline for our daily devotion. In retrospect, the only interruption that Disciple Course should have made in my life is the 3 hours class every Sunday that we attended. As the semester progressed, sometimes this class could take up time that was reserved for sports, studies or other activities that used to be done every Sunday afternoon. However, before long, I come to appreciate the fact that no matter what occurred; there was always the privilege of going for Disciple Class every Sunday afternoon to study God’s Word with a group of what was soon to be among my closest friends. Classes soon became a place of sharing, learning and enjoying God’s Word alongside each other’s company. After graduating, the gap where I used to go to Disciple Class every Sunday afternoon felt a bit empty every week.

The lessons learned in Disciple Red are very important indeed. Many of the topics discussed in this class soon became a starting foundation from which I could analyze and change my character. Issues discussed in certain topics became building blocks to learn to see the world around me differently. An example of this is the call out for disciples to follow Jesus’s mission to the last the least and the lost in this world. Studies done on the Old and the New testaments help to bring around a cohesive picture of the Bible as a continued history of God’s providence for mankind. Altogether, going through Disciple Red has brought to light the Bible as a personal guide for living daily life through the knowledge and wisdom of God speaking through it.

Disciple Red has helped me to mature in both knowledge and depth of character. New friends and experiences made through 3 semesters of classes will continue to be a highlight part of my life while studying here. As a conclusion, for those who have not joined, take a moment to reflect on your spiritual walk with God and ask Him if taking up Disciple Red might be the way for you to grow closer with Him and those around you. Amen.                         

Monday, December 8, 2014

顶峰课程(二)见证 by Brenda

道,主内弟兄姐妹,大家主里平安,喜!我是Brenda。感主,我top 2利地毕业了。对于拿过门徒班的我来说,top 2 的功课负担没有这么大,它不像门徒,必须每天读经,写心得。由于我们比较慢开始,又要赶在这个sem完成,所以我们通常就会直接上两课。通常在上课之前,我们只需要把内容大概读过一遍,尝试填充作答,就可以了。虽然会比门徒轻松很多,但是我在 top 2 里面还是学习到很多功课。Top 2 让我回到我信仰的根基,它教导我要如何以心灵诚实来敬拜神。当中让我最印像深刻的就是对于每天灵修的事情。我虽然觉得自己每天都有在灵修,但是每一次的我总是敷衍了事,觉得有花个5分钟读就可以了。有时候也会因为太累而不去读经灵修。上完 top 2 后,我发现我自己对这信仰的根基还不够稳固。我还记得我们导师,苏生弟兄所讲过的一句话:[身为基督徒,我们应该要稳固自己信仰的根基,若今天你连信仰的根基都没有稳,那就算你拿再多的装备课程也没有用。]他这句话点醒了我,让我明白我之前是多么地亏欠上帝,没有好好地去与祂建立属灵上的关系。

     另外,我也透过top 2 学习到团体灵修的重要性。我们基督徒不该只在乎自己属灵上的成长,我们也要有教会生活,与教会的弟兄姐妹一同建立关系。因为圣经上如此记载说:[两个人总比一个人好,因为二人劳碌同得美好的果效。若是跌倒,这人可以扶起他的同伴;若是孤身跌倒,没有别人扶起他的同伴。](传道书4:9-10) 通过团体读经,我们可以互相学习,我们可以对同样的经节有不同的得着,因每个人都有不同的看见。在上课的时候,我们都会互相说出自己的看法,然后互相学习。而且上帝总会透过祂安放在我们身边的弟兄姐妹,对我们说话。让我们在骄傲自大的时后,学会谦卑礼让,让我们在自卑低落时,享受到爱心关怀与重拾信心。在团体生活里,上帝会让我们经历到很多不一样的挑战和考验,有时候我们会因此而与主内的弟兄姐妹产生摩擦,有时候我们会因此而沮丧,虽然这些苦难不容易胜过,但这一切的一切都是上帝花费心思,精心安排放在我们生命里面,只有一个目的,就是为了预备我们,锻炼我们能够更坚强在这通往天国的道路上走下去。

     其实,我们这一班的弟兄姐妹也是自己有自己的pattern哦~ Susu, Bi Fei, Amy, Peng You, Heng Foo, Ah Hen 是属于安静型的,他们都会默默地参与在当中。Ah Wei, Calvin Su 就是吵闹型的。每次都负责炒热班上的气氛。Ting xuan是撒娇型,时不时就会扭动她的身体,可爱的她有时也会积极地问问题。泽政就负责问一些我们每次想不到的问题,增加我们对自己信仰的认识。还有Jojo 可以说是我们班上的资优生,她每次都会做好功课才来,虽然有些同学也是,但是她的答案每次都和导师的很接近。另外,她也会发现到我们没有发现的错误。每一个人的恩赐不同,神安排我们一起,就是要我们在各自的领域完成神托付给我们的使命。我们这一班的弟兄姐妹,虽然只在短短的一个sem一起学习,但是我依然感觉到神的爱在当中。每次的学习都是在欢乐的气氛下结束,每次的学习都有所得着。在这里,我要感谢苏生弟兄和紫恩姐妹愿意花时间成为我们的导师,教导我们。另外,我也要对一起上课的弟兄姐妹说:盼望我们能操练自己每天读经,灵修,祷告,稳固我们信仰的根基,把耶稣的话语深深刻在心版上,将我们所学习的用在生活当中,成为别人的见证,为神做光做盐!最后,对那些还没有参加top 2 的弟兄姐妹说:若你不想拿门徒这么重的课程,可以选择top 2,我们基督徒一定要接受装备,才能出去为神打那美好的仗!

顶峰课程(二)结业礼 16.11.2014

Program节目活动   TOP 2 结业礼
Date日期                   20141116
Time时间                  主日崇拜
Venue地点                SMCGC
Action Party负责组:基都教教育部

SMCGC TOP 2班在这个学期顺利结业了,当中一共有12位学生参与。这一班的导师杨紫恩姐妹和林苏生弟兄。感谢神让这群弟兄姐妹透过TOP 2有新的看见,并且稳固信仰的根基。在两位导师的带领下,上课的过程都很轻松,有趣。在结业礼当天,除了颁发证书给每位学生之外,基教也预备了小蜡烛作为导师的礼物,感谢他们愿意牺牲时间与精力去带领12位学员完成这项课程。另外,TOP 2班也特别安排了两位学员做见证分享。

By Brenda